What is a poison?

A poison is anything that can cause harm to your body through a toxic effect that may injure you or make you sick. It can be something you inhale, swallow, inject or that touches your skin or eyes.

Medications are the leading cause of poisoning in Canada. Over-the-counter medicines, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, alcohol and cannabis can cause poisoning, depending on the quantity taken and the individual. What we sometimes call an “overdose” is really a poisoning.

Other common sources of such poisons / toxins come from:

What is a
Poison Centre?

A poison centre is a telephone-based front-line service operating 24 hours, seven days a week, staffed by registered nurses and pharmacists with specialized training in the effects of poison, known as toxicology.

We provide advice over the phone for anyone of any age who may have been exposed to a poison, from babies to seniors.

Poison Centres
in Canada